What we do – Getting the Best out of People

If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.
- Colin Powell

Imagine a world of people committed to achieving their potential in life and work – a world where people use their strengths and talents to make a real difference in their work and in the work of others. This would be a world where work was no longer about the job but about the people who do the job. The whole value of work would change because it would no longer be just about your own role, but about asking what difference you make and what values you bring to the work you do.

so he thinks he’s a leader

Imagine a world where these values operate in interpersonal relationships. Imagine the difference it would make if people focused on each other’s needs and strengths. What would it be like if we held out to others the best picture of what they could possibly be in life and work instead of fixating on their limitations. What would it be like if we were committed to having our friends, partners and colleagues succeed but still allowed them to fail without making them feel bad, not perfect just human. What would it be like if we treated failure as a form of accelerated learning. This would be a world of listening and of building trust in relationships where we are willing to learn the truth about ourselves as well as others. This world would value learning and growth over power, image and control, a world where everyone was at their best developing their talents and working to their full potential. These are the values embodied in the work we do.

You First

Working with equines from the ground (there is no riding involved) presents a number of different challenges designed to engage our clients in ways that traditional methods of coaching and learning do not. The learning environment is unstructured and the material is unmediated by an instructor. Some creative thinking is required to achieve a goal. Working with equines increases self-awareness of the need to control our emotions and adapt our behaviour as appropriate to the situation. These are all features of the kinds of real-world situations in which learners find themselves at work and in life that differ significantly from traditional learning environments. . Equines are social animals and have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. They have clearly defined roles within the herd, can be stubborn and like to have fun much like humans. In other words working with equines provides vast opportunities for metaphorical learning.

Each activity is specifically tailored to suit the needs of individuals, groups and organizations and supervised by appropriate expertise including professional coaches, chartered psychologists and equine professionals, each one expert in their field.