As a context for coaching and learning, working with equines presents a paradox; on the one hand it has a quality of playfulness and yet in practice, it can be a powerful way of revealing areas of a client’s life that invite introspection, present additional solutions and lead to greater creativity and insight. Curiosity plays a key role in promoting successful interaction. The mutual curiosity of equines and humans in the ‘game’ is both disarming and engaging. Curiosity can lead to unexpectedly significant discoveries.

What clients say:

Working with Equines is Fun
‘I enjoyed myself. It was really good fun. Everyone will get something out of this’. Amy (General Manager and Hotelier)
Broadening Perspectives
‘It made me think. Having to work with others on a given task in such a situation made me more aware of the differences between people and their approach to working as part of a team in planning and decision-making’. Julie (Probation Officer working with offenders).
Managing Self and Building Confidence
‘I’m not used to horses, I’m nervous around them so I was not very confident at first. But when Cavalier came over to me I began to feel better about myself, much more confident’. Joanne (Business woman and publican).