About Us


About being curious

The Natural Psychologist is about coaching and learning. In fact, it is about a particular approach to coaching and learning that begins with curiosity. Equines and humans seem to be naturally and genuinely curious. My first remembered equine experience was when I was three years old. A picture in a family album shows us, nose-to-nose, weighing each other up, curious about our different worlds and the way we operate. The ‘Natural Psychologist’ is born out of curiosity. 

As a context for coaching and learning, curiosity may be the quality that starts the process and the energy that paves the way for active learning. And yet, being curious is not the same as gathering information. When it comes to being aware of the environment, equines are the experts.

About becoming aware

As prey, equines are much better than humans at ‘reading’ the environment. Their lives depend upon it. They are experts when it comes to reading the non-verbal messages we display and their behaviour will reflect what our body language tells them. Equine behaviour is often seen as uncooperative, incomprehensible or unpredictable, but try changing the message and the response will be different.

About better relationships

Imagine developing the highly developed senses that together make up the equine intuitive intelligence. In Equine assisted coaching and learning we focus on helping people distinguish what kind of behaviour works for them and what does not. Working with equines provides opportunities for insights into the connections between what we think, what we feel and how we behave.  Learning this provides a framework for helping us build better relationships and make changes in our personal and professional lives.